The first INSURED project accelerator for CARDANO

CardStarter is a decentralized accelerator and swapping platform, connecting early stage Cardano innovators with our community of donors.

Upcoming Projects

Selective Listings

All projects launched through our platform are subject to diligent vetting, as part of our quality assurance program.

Insurance Fund

Our community backers are insured against the risk of financial loss associated with DeFi exploits and Vaporware.

CARDS Accelerator

Successful project applicants gain access to the Cards Accelerator Program (CAP), providing them with developmental resources.

Tokenless Raises

CardStarter allows projects to raise capital prior to having a deployable contract. By utilizing our Token Vouchers, developers are able to confidently support all associated costs that come with building.

A platform for

Early Adopters

Launch Pads and accelerators can be a great avenue for trusted and vetted teams to gain early support; and for donors to gain early access to projects.

Choose a Tier


Aatash Amir

Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Kazakoff

Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Grosso

Research Analyst and Content Coordinator


Ashwin Somasundaram

Senior Operations Advisor

Owl Ventures

Media Strategy

Topher Bradshaw

Market Psychology


CARDS Participation Model

CARDS Linear Bracket

Staking Requirement

500 to 40,000CARDS

Locked upon registration until 7 days post IDO


Subscription Model

$CARDS token holders who qualify for our tiered system are guaranteed varied allocation to early sales of projects launching through our platform.

Insurance Treasury

Each project that launches through our platform will contribute to our insurance treasury, providing donors in our community a sense of financial protection against potential project failure.

Token Vouchers

For projects choosing to launch directly to Cardano, CardStarter provides users with ERC-20 TokenVouchers. These will then be exchanged 1:1 on Mainnet deployment.

Auto-Lock Liquidity

Upon Cardstarter migration, auto-lock liquidity will be an optional feature for developers. This ensures a trustless transition from raise to market.

Card Accelerator Program

Access to a set of valuable services provided through our accelerator program, including: Token Engineering, Security Audits, Graphical and Web3, Social Media, and Branding support


Token supply: The total token supply for CardStarter is 10,000,000

Private Sale 20%
Public Sale 30%
Liquidity 13%
Ecosystem 7%
Partnerships 8%
Team 20%
Advisors 2%

Initial Distribution Model

Round 1
2,000,000 $CARDS @ $0.10 per token ($200k), capped at $5000 per person Vesting - 10% at TGE, 22.5% per month for 4 months
Round 2
3,000,000 $CARDS @ $0.15 per token ($450k), capped at $2500 per person Vesting - 10% at TGE, 22.5% per month for 4 months

Our Roadmap for 2021

Roadmap will continuously change as we progress with our project. For updates and news, join our Telegram announcement channel

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Our Roadmap for 2021

Roadmap will contiously change as we progress with our project. For updates and news, join our Telegram annoucement channel

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Developing a Project? Let's Talk

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Frequently Asked Questions

For how-to guides and in-depth tutorials, please refer to our documentation.

CardStarter Documentation

Current price can be found on Coingecko or on our Telegram price chat (use command /cards).

$CARDS is available on Uniswap. For the official token address, search "Cardstarter" on Coingecko, copy and paste the address onto Uniswap. Alternatively, you can also navigate to the Markets tab on Coingecko and click on the CARDS/ETH pairing. That should directly open a new tab to Uniswap with the correct address loaded.

The tier system can be found here.

For Non-US investors, please go here.

For Accredited US investors, please go here.

*Note: Only accredited investors are allowed to participate in IDOs. Please perform your own due diligence on the requirements to qualify as an accredited investor).

For Non-US investors, please ensure that "plus + liveliness + wallet" is verified.

For Accredited US investors, please ensure that "plus + liveliness + sow + wallet" is verified.

Alternatively, you would have also received a confirmation email from Fractal.

KYC only has to be completed once. If you have been verified once for a previous IDO and have not changed any details (residence, ID, wallet address), there is no need to complete KYC again.

The link is for individuals who have not started the KYC process. If you have, please visit

If your KYC application was rejected or pending after a prolonged period (i.e. more than 24 hours), consider contacting an admin on Fractal's Telegram channel, linked here. Post on the chat that you need help and an admin should reach out to you. Please do not entertain any impersonators who DM you first. Fractal admins will explicitly tell you to DM them.

Here are Fractal Protocol community managers and admins:

Step 1: Go to and click on the "Staking" tab.
Step 2: Connect your wallet to the site. *Use the same wallet for KYC.
Step 3: Enter the amount you would like to stake
Step 4: Hit approve to approve the smart contract interaction
Step 5: Hit stake to stake your tokens

No. You are eligible for any IDOs as long as your $CARDS remain staked. The amount staked will be matched to the current tier system.

Your account will be locked upon registration and cannot be unstaked for 7 days after the end of the whitelist sale (IDO).

No, Cardstarter does not implement a pre-IDO staking policy.

The staking process involves two steps. Please refer to item 9.

Registration takes an on chain snap transaction to determine tier. As such, if registration has already taken place, added $CARDS will not be applied to change your tier for the IDO you intend to partake in. However, they can be added to an existing stake pool to upgrade your tier for future IDOs.

Not necessarily. KYC requirement is determined by project leadership independently.


No, any amount between the predetermined number of $CARDS in the tier system will be rounded down. So, 1500 to 4499 $CARDS will only qualify you for the JACKS tier.

Allocations will only be calculated and released shortly after the KYC grace period has concluded. The amount you will receive depends on the number of participants and the amount raised by the pool originator.

Find out here.

You will have 24 hours to fund your allocation.


All participants, including wildcard participants who were not drawn in the lottery can participate.

If you are in a wildcard tier, it's possible that you did not get selected in the lottery. Otherwise, you definitely missed one of the steps. Specifically for KYC, make sure you have used the correct link and that it was verified. Refer to item 8 to find out how. Also, double check that the same wallet was used in staking, registration and KYC.

Generally, the official address will be shared by the respective projects. However, you can also find the token address by pasting the Tx ID of the purchase transaction and pasting it on Etherscan.

Find out here.

NO. Please do not provide any private information (wallet address, passwords, seed phrase, private keys) or click on any links sent to you by anyone who DMs you first. Admins will never reach out to you first. You are likely chatting with an impersonator/scammer. Please double check by searching the admin's name on the Telegram member's list. On PC, there should be a star next to the name and on a phone you should see a tag (e.g. CEO, COO, admin, mod, ambassador etc.)

Start a new chat and make sure you are redirected to the same page. Otherwise, report and block the user. If you find the impersonator in the Telegram group, please report it to an admin by posting the @handle on the main chat.

In the event that we want to chat with you in private, it will be mentioned in the main chat. You can also send us DMs to chat in private.